Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Announcing CalcTool mobile

I'm pleased to say that with a bot of hacking at the CalcTool code, I've been able to create a secondary version that is more suitable for mobile devices. Most of the images and tables are removed, and things are squeezed up horizontally to get it comfortably into a 200 pixel-wide window. Naturally there are casualties, most notably the textual notes and images that come with a calc in the full-sized version. It's also a little more tricky finding what you're looking for, with the "related" sections and navigation panes removed. The underlying code is the same as for "regular CalcTool", so you still need a decent modern browser with good css and javascript handling. Still, if you know the score and you know where you're going, then it will make a quick calculation on the move possible. Give it a go - it's very rough for the moment, but a few helpful comments can help work out the wrinkles.

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