Monday, May 19, 2008

General upgrade

Today we've made a general upgrade live, which brings new features to CalcTool, most importantly "MyCalcTool", which allows users to have a favorites list to keep the calcs they need the most. We've also taken this opportunity to improve the "new" and "popular" pages with an automatic logging and updating script, and to bring the other static pages properly into line with the site design. The changeover isn't 100% complete yet, so please excuse any teething troubles, old links, bad design, and missing features for the moment. Any problems, please let us know at the forum

Another thing that has been vastly improved is our standards compliance. When I checked a few of our pages through a validator last week, I was somewhat horrified to find upwards of 500 errors on most of the pages. To be fair, most of them were severe pedantry on the part of the validator, but many were very real. Really this is testament to the ability of modern browsers to cope with bad code, since we never noticed a thing. Anyway, to cut a long story short, almost all of the errors have now been fixed, with most of the pages validating  100% cleanly (including the css, if you must know).

Finally, we now have over 200 calcs in the database.

I think we can just about call this "CalcTool 1.0", although there may still be more goodies at some point in the future... you never know.

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